Don Cartel – Agua De Dios


Hi all!Going back to my rootz with this new release with some Latin House flavour and it’s now available as a Free Download!


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Don Cartel was born on the 20th of July 1980 in the town of Viota, Colombia. At the age of 7 Daniel took piano/synthesizer lessons. At the age of 10, Daniel fell in love with his computer, the Commodore Amiga. From that moment on making music had become the great passion of his life. When he was 14 years old, Daniel decided to pursue his journey into the world of midi. He bought a Roland s-760 sampler to make his first tracks. Hardcore was the main music he started to produce.

Finally he released his first E.P. with DJ Chosen Few on the label H2OH recordings. In that same year he signed a publishing deal with Floor Control Music.

Influenced by the wide musical expertise of the Floor Control Producers , he took his first steps in producing Hardcore and Club/Trance/Tribal and Groovy and Electro music and got involved doing Remixes and productions for P.A Enhancers, DJ Attic & DJ Perpetrator vs DJ Acesone,Sound Enhancers,DJ Attic & Stylzz.
Soundcloud: @don-cartel
Snapchat: @don_cartel


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One thought on “Don Cartel – Agua De Dios

  1. Don Cartel

    Tnx for the support!!!

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