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The guys down at Big Alliance have been busy as of late preparing what is no doubt a fine compilation of talent that have helped the label blossom into the powerhouse it is today. Luis Delgado, Jorge Carrasco and their entourage or talent are into their fourth year of a journey that has seen them flourish into a hub for new talents with a common gift for creating big and bold electronic dance music. Their mix of Electro and Progressive cuts the best from both the underground and commercial worlds and merges them into what is a fine discography.

Track List

Monolythe & 2blastguns – Skyhammer (Original Mix)

Shanahan – Euphony (Original Mix)

MING & Naylo feat. Tatiana Owens – Giving it Up (Original Mix)

Unknownz & The Riberaz – SAW (Original Mix)

Syskey – Oh Shit! (Original Mix)

Ricky Pedretti Vs Third Way – Raptus (Original Mix)

Myles Travitz – Cannon Fodder (Original Mix)

Tom Enzy – Loser (Original Mix)

Magix – Pyroshow (Original Mix)

Timmo Hendriks – Ghost (Original Mix)

Marco Farouk – Akta (Original Mix)

Shuval – Raw (Original Mix)

Nino Kattan – Bad Ass Drop (Original Mix)

Leopardgecko & Yoonbell – Gonna Hit (Original Mix)

Stream the huge compilation preview now over at Soundcloud:




Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


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