DANÊL – Wake Up (ft. Roye)

Download/Stream – fhc.fanlink.to/wakeup

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I am Daniel ” DANÊL “, a 21-year-old music producer from Finland.

My music career started at a very young age when I started to play drums in a band. Later I discovered a whole new world in music production and after trying producing for the first time I was immediately hooked, even though I had no idea what I was doing. After a couple of years of trial and error, my productions started to sound like songs, not very good ones but I was getting the hang of it.

To this day, I have been producing music for about 7 years and I have signed several non-exclusive record deals with relatively big labels and I have managed to gain some success. Besides producing EDM I have also produced a couple of rap songs that have gained quite a bit of attention. In 2020, I started DJ:ing publicly by doing a couple of gigs and I am looking forward to doing more in the future!

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