DHN DeepHouseNews 042 (Mixed By Vokzman)

The skilled DJ and House Music figter, Vokzman, hails from Meodowlands, Soweto; and he steps up and curates a delightful Deep House story that sinks us rhythmically into the deep thumping sounds selected and mixed for #DHN_DeepHouseNews 042

1. Madota – Gilli
2. SculpturedMusic – Falling
3. Dwson – Shadows (Feat. Ammo Moses)
4. Kevin Di Serna – Eulogy
5. Nopi – Hosu
6. Moojo – Lora (Feat. Lass)
7. The Calm Prince – Umanyano
8. Dwson – Till You See It (Feat. J’ Something)
9. The Godfathers Of Deep House SA – The Forth Note ( Nostalgic Mix)
10. OUTCOME & Lawrence Klein – Andromeda
11. Volen Sentir – Sirun

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