DHTM Podcast 037 – Kevin Ganora

Born in Mendoza, Argentina. Kevin’s non-linear way of mixing has led him to become a creator of unique moments that reveal his vast musical taste, applied in his interpretation of Melodic House & Techno, Indie Dance, Techno & Deep House.

Using textures from different times and latitudes, heavy bass lines, exotic vocals, twisted metallic percussions and avantgarde electric sounds, Kevin has made his way into clubs and events of different styles, sharing the booth with renowned exponents of the world electronic music scene.

In 2019 he joined the West Side Project label team founded by Em Boss. WSP is quickly catapulted as one of the groups that stand out for their excellent musical curatorship in Mexico City.

Thanks to this, they obtained a residency at FÜNK Club, in addition to being recognized for their own event productions in different venues of Mexico.

In 2020 he settled in Tulum, where he started rediscovery that allowed him to differentiate from the rest, evolving his musical identity into a more twisted intellectual music.

Thanks to this he achieved a permanent residency at Mystical Experience, produced events at Mia Beach Club, and Art Beach by Zamna and cofounding Rythmia, his dynamic conceptual brand for events and booking agencies.

2022 was the year of his first South American & Europe Tour, playing in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisboa, Argentina & Chile.

At the moment, Kevin is focusing in music production with some releases upcoming in the beginning of 2023.
Also, his constantly moving spirit is aimed at the creation of new concepts of experiences around México and the world.

Keep grooving, Stay connected . This is an Exclusive live set recorded at Macarena, Barcelona.

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