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AlBird presents the Eagle Sessions – your weekly Techno podcast from Berlin.

BAAANG! Another Episode. This time with a one hour live cut from last weekend’s gig from AlBird at the one and only KaterBlau here in Berlin. This is a 60min cut from his almost 5 hour long set at the club, closing the Hopper Floor in the early morning hours!Don’t forget to follow and subscribe to the podcast on the platform you’re listening or hop over to Instagram and follow us @albird81 or @eaglesessions

Have a great week everyone!

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1. Anticipation (Original Mix) – Mathias Kaden [Rekids]
2. Substance (Original Mix) – Mathias Kaden [Rekids]
3. Love Down (Original Mix) – Ackermann [UNCAGE]
4. Impressions (Mark Broom Remix) – Hertz Collision, Gene Richards Jr [UNCAGE]
5. Jack dat (Original Mix) – Ackermann, Raphael Dincsoy [UNCAGE]
6. We Don’t Slap (Original Mix) – Kai van Dongen [Truncate]
7. Stronger – Alan Fitzpatrick [Factory 93 Records]
8. Marimba (Original Mix) – BEC [We Are The Brave]
9. Wait A Minute (Original Mix) – Radio Slave [Rekids]
10. Feel The Rhythm (Marco Faraone Remix) – Alan Fitzpatrick, Reset Robot
11. Balls Back (Marco Faraone Remix) – Josh Wink [Ovum Recordings]
12. Destiny (Original Mix) – BAUGRUPPE90, Tim Rausch [CAPACITY]
13. Engine (Original Mix) – Uncertain [Suara]
14. Jambo (Original Mix) – Indira Paganotto [ARTCORE]
15. Jungle House (Original Mix) – Rene Wise [Enemy Records]

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