FUXWITHIT Guest Mix: 156 – ethanplus

“It’s the soundtrack to me! Haha, I guess if you were to make a movie about everything that I try to embody in my artistry, this would be the soundtrack. It’s fun, fast, bold, diverse and colourful. Got an ID of mine and a few unreleased flips from me in there too!”
– @ethanplus


ethanplus – B.T.B!
camoufly – BEATS KNOCKIN!
ethanplus – ID
YUNG BAE – If You Want It
ethanplus – Shake! (ethanplus FUNKY BEAT BOY VIP)
ini – Guap w/ dilip
ATLiens – Alchemy (TYNAN Remix) [ethanplus 2HONKY Version] vincebyvince – ID
Sum 41 – In Too Deep (ethanplus SIGN MY YEARBOOK Version)
an – trash
Excision & Space Laces – Throwin’ Elbows (ethanplus THROWIN’ KNEES Version)
budsworth – Shake That Ass
ethanplus – Gummy Bears are Chasing Me!
milye – Beatbox (ethanplus SAX MAN Version)
milye – Doowap
Baauer – Soulja
AWE – Rackem
100 gecs – hand crushed by a mallet
100 gecs – hand crushed by a mallet (Soup Remix)
ethanplus – Wowzers!
TWRK – BaDINGA! (ethanplus Remix)
ewano – ROCKWITHIT w/ Vexx
godspeed – storgina w/ ANH
vincebyvince – ZONKERS! w/ ethanplus
Mike Snatchers – Sexy Can I
camoufly – Oh Dear (ethanplus NOW KISS Version)

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