FUXWITHIT Guest Mix 191 – Mark veins x Shöckface

“The sole purpose is to showcase hyperwave. Which is a combination of heavy influences in and outside of electronic music that connected us two. Listeners can expect 100 percent original music and a fusion of wave, trap, electronic, and indie. This is a special mix as it represents the first chapter of mark veins and Shöckface original music over the course of 5 years. The music captures our memories, emotions, experiences and feelings throughout our friendship.”
– @markveins x @shockfacemusic

1. Shöckface & mark veins – Snakes
2. Shöckface & Rfen & mark veins – Therapy
3. Shöckface & mark veins – distance
4. mark veins & Bromar – Fake love (Shöckface Inversion)
5. mark veins & Shöckface – last breath (feat. Bromar)
6. mark veins & Shöckface – Shatter (feat. Bromar)
7. Shöckface & mark veins & Lauren Martinez – Eternal
8. Shöckface & mark veins & HAPAXAN – Encore & Encore
9. Shöckface & mark veins – Gravity
Shöckface & mark veins – Poison (feat. Still Haze)
11. Shöckface & mark veins – Emerge
Shöckface & mark veins – Resurrection (feat. STAHL)
13. Azide & Shöckface & mark veins – PSYCHOSIS
14. ero808 – BLACKHOLE (Shöckface Inversion)

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