GarcyNoise dishes out his House On Acid Mix

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House music has been around for a long, long time – let’s not forget that.  It’s not always been about the huge drops, the monstrous basslines and the egos to go with it, no – sometimes it pays to take a step back for a moment and give yourself a bit of a reminder just what the EDM scene today pays homage to.

GarcyNoise is one of the original mainstays of Barcelona’s old school house, techno and acid scene.  As the label boss for Justified Cause, GarcyNoise has stayed true to the music and will continue to do so; with the label’s 9th anniversary just around the corner, GarcyNoise has unleashed one of his infamous mixes to remind us where the roots of Justified Cause lie.

Circumnavigating the boundaries of all things house and techno, GarcyNoise delivers a rumbling monster of a mix and when you hit 1:15…  Well there’s only one thing for it – Acid!  Forget the standard EDM affair, GarcyNoise has delivered a stomping fusion of Nic Fanciuli, Derrick Carter, Roland Clark, Todd Terry and of course, GarcyNoise himself.

There’s plenty more on the horizon from Justified Cause, head over to GarcyNoise’s Soundcloud to grab a copy of this latest mix and whet your appetite for the underground.







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