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Production warrior Jeck Hill has done something that seems to have gone missing in 2013. Electro House seems to have turned into a barrage of kick-drum led marches, but hold on, there�s more to it than that. The talented French DJ/Producer has whipped up a �Storm� with his latest releases that revitalises the Electro sound that gave the sub-genre its name. Finely produced with Jeck Hill�s readily available technical talents �Storm� boasts a monster electro lead-bass that seemingly blasts the listener from every angle. It�s a sound that will no doubt blow away any crowd on a big enough set of speakers.

The guys at French Beat Records are making a solid name for themselves with a long line of quality releases that are picking up bigger and bigger attention with every offering. In a country not short of high level and varied electronic music, the minds behind French Beat are doing a fine job of standing out in France and beyond the borders into the global domain.

You can stream �Storm� today over at Soundcloud

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