LUKE ALLEN Made In Hollywood – Mashup Pack

Here is my brand new mashup pack, Made in Hollywood! Includes 12 original mashups for you to enjoy and share with friends.


Baby x For a Minute – Sage The Gemini, Chris Brown x Sonny Bass (LUKE ALLEN Mashup)

Worldwide Summer Vacation x Backing Down – The Game x B3RROR, Reigno (LUKE ALLEN Mashup)

Skat x Sometimes – Tory Lanez, DaBaby x ESH, Kaan Pars (LUKE ALLEN Mashup)

Thot Shit x No Crossover – Megan Thee Stallion x DJ Justin Johnson (LUKE ALLEN Mashup)

Jelly x Porcelain – Big Homie Ty.Ni x Watgood (LUKE ALLEN Mashup)

WAP x Tempted – Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion Vs. Hawk (LUKE ALLEN Mashup)

Your Body x Open Your Mind – Valentino Khan, Nitti Gritti x PØP CULTUR (LUKE ALLEN Mashup)

Industry Baby x Berserk – Lil Nas X Vs. QUIX & Luca Lush (LUKE ALLEN Mashup)

Part Time Lover x Only For A Night – 4KORNERS, Karate Kactus x French Original (LUKE ALLEN Mashup)

Walking On A Dream x Losing Control – Empire of the Sun x Madison Mars (LUKE ALLEN Mashup)

Edge of Seventeen x Be There – Stevie Nicks x Kastra, Lost Boy (LUKE ALLEN Mashup)

September x Lose My Mind – Earth, Wind & Fire x Surf Mesa, Bipolar Sunshine (LUKE ALLEN Mashup)

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