Max Vermeulen – Summergirl


Max Vermeulen proudly presents his new summer single ‘SUMMERGIRL’! Fresh Future Chill Track! Feel free to like, comment and ofcourse listen!

The eighteen years old Max Vermeulen is an upcoming talent with one ambition: Let the world enjoy his music. All the forms of house music at his best! Soulful, always upbeat and uplifting Max Vermeulen has excellent knowledge of what the bangers of the moment are. The artist dropped a brand new song, called ‘Summergirl’ and it starts of soft and uplifting, guided by a building female voice that bringing you a perfectly balanced state with a summer feeling.

What do you do when your heart takes a dive?

The story behind this single is that everyone makes mistakes when it comes to love, and, sometimes those mistakes come in the form of getting burned by lovers but still wanting them all the same. ‘’This song perfectly expresses that feeling, but also remind yourself about how you are going to make it out of this situation that is troubling you.’


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One thought on “Max Vermeulen – Summergirl

  1. These Vocals are great. Well Mixed song too!

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