Roman Messer & Twin View – Up In This Club

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One of Roman Messer’s most wanted IDs of the past few months is finally released on Suanda Music!

The tune that rocked dancefloors across Europe, from Roman’s set at the Untold Festival in Romania to Suanda’s own club nights, remained a mysterious ‘ID – ID’ in tracklists for quite some time, even when Roman dropped it in his guest mix for Andrew Rayel’s ‘Find Your Harmony’ radio show. It is time to unveil it as Roman & Twin View – Up In This Club!

Roman’s third collaboration already with the talented duo, ‘Up In This Club’ was first conceived during the height of the pandemic and was later repeatedly road tested by Roman in his various sets – when places started opening up – until he felt that the track was ready for release. A certified big room banger that makes crowds jump up and down, ‘Up In This Club’ rides a very upbeat 132 bpm groove and is built around a massive syncopated tech trance riff that is sure to get people dancing.

‘Up In This Club’ by Roman Messer and Twin View is out now on Suanda Music!

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