Sergio Del Lago – You’ll Never Make Us Stop

Sergio Del Lago was born at Lake Como in May 1985. At the age of 11 approached the light music by attending small orchestral bands. Over the years Sergio discovered electronic music and began to attend a variety of Italian and international clubs.
Thanks to the regular participation in various events Sergio acquired the passion for electronic music. Between 2005 and 2009 he began to take his first steps as DJ giving voice to his creativity in events and private parties. The following years saw Sergio involved in events organized in some local, those are important for the Florentine nightlife.
in 2011 he began his career as a producer managing to sign some contracts with Italian and European digital record labels. In his music he combines sounds and emotions, creating a simple, innovative, melodic vibes giving birth to the progressive genre.
The latest releases have been signed with Natura Viva and Siona Records.

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