Spencer Tarring has Vous Records in a bit of a spin with his new track ‘Don’t Give Up’

It’s said that in Los Angeles, in order to make friends you must have a nice car.  And if you’ve got the nice car, well – you certainly need the tunes to go with it. Enter Spencer TarringVous Records label boss and Shanghai’s twice crowned ‘Best DJ’ with his new monster of a release – Don’t Give Up.

This is progressive house at its finest with a huge, rolling bassline that’ll have you head nodding to the point of whiplash.  Throw in some seriously techy-percussion with a hook that’ll keep you pinned to the dancefloor and you’ve got a track that’ll not only make friends, but turn heads and enemies at the same time.  A two track release supported by the likes of DJ@WarHands Solo and Overload and featuring the original mix and dub version, Don’t Give Up is a sure-fire dancefloor weapon that demands your attention.

Vous Records is the worldwide label pushing top-quality house from its locations in LA, Shanghai and London.  Spearheaded by Ad BrownJesus Cortez and of course, Spencer TarringVous Records has its finger firmly on the pulse of a truly global music scene.  Keep an eye on these guys because there’s plenty more prepped in the arsenal.

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