Spring Festival Mashup Pack 2017


It’s been almost a year since I released my last mashup pack and I’m so hyped to release another one for you guys! This pack contains many of my “secret weapons” that I regularly use in my sets as well as many mashups of recent releases. Hope this pack helps all you DJs out there!

Unfortunately I can’t provide the artists in the tracklist due to copyright.

01 Bambini Chemicals (Ezra Hazard Mashup)
02 Blast From The Talking BANG (Ezra Hazard Mashup)
03 Nova Heathens (Ezra Hazard Mashup)
04 Code-gratulations (Ezra Hazard Mashup)
05 Shake The Cold Water (Ezra Hazard Mashup)
06 Joyride vs. Stay (Ezra Hazard Edit)
07 Chatterbox Tremor (Ezra Hazard Mashup)
08 I Took A Byte Holding It Down (Ezra Hazard Mashup)
09 Feel The Fires (Ezra Hazard Mashup)
10 Collide vs. Flight 643 (Ezra Hazard Mashup)
11 24K Aruna (Ezra Hazard Mashup)
12 Light It Up Rockabye (Ezra Hazard Mashup)
13 Fonk It Up vs. Cobra vs. I Got You (Ezra Hazard Mashup)
14 Hypnotize Awake (Ezra Hazard Mashup)

Ezra Hazard
Facebook: facebook.com/DJEzraHazard/
Twitter: twitter.com/DJEzraHazard
Instagram: instagram.com/DJEzraHazard
Demodrop: demodrop.com/EzraHazard

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One thought on “Spring Festival Mashup Pack 2017

  1. Luis ángel

    Deseo obtener el pack mashup de ezra hazard

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