Trackia On Air Episode 20

Welcome to the September 2019 episode 20 of Trackia On Air!
New music this week from DallasK, Frey, Carta, Hook N Sling ft.The Loose Cannons,
Beowülf & Dualmind ft. Vic Brow, MiHi, Stafford Brothers,
Oliver Wade, Tom Staar & Brian Cross, Tony Junior & John Christian and more..

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Trackia On Air Episode 20

1-DallasK – I Know (Extended Mix)
2-Frey – Turkish Showbiz (Extended Mix)
3-Carta – Technologic 2019 (Original Mix)
4-Hook N Sling ft.The Loose Cannons – Superstars (Extended Mix)
5-Beowülf & Dualmind ft. Vic Brow – Rollin’ (Extended Mix)
6-MiHi – Take Me To My House (Extended Mix)
7-Stafford Brothers – Canto (Extended Mix)
8-Oliver Wade – Okay (Extended Mix)
9-Tom Staar & Brian Cross – Hornets Nest (Extended Mix)
10-Tony Junior & John Christian – Technoprime (Extended Mix)
11-Julian Jordan – Bassline (Extended Mix)
12-Magic Sound – Mars 2044 (Extended Mix)
13-Lowage – Freak Show (Extended Mix)
14-Mo Falk – You’re Wild (Extended Mix)
15-Max Fail & Jonathan Wagner – Alone (Extended Mix)
16-Marnage & Kamix – Anymore (Extended Mix)
17-Maximals & FaderX ft. Jordan Grace – Free (Extended Mix)
18-Suyano – Playing In The Sun (Extended Mix)
19-K.E.N.T. – Ganja (Extended Mix)
20-W&W Vini Vici – Chakra vs. MR.BLACK & Ale Mora – Party People (Vini Vici X MR.BLACK Tomorrowland 2019 Edit)


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